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uPVC stands for Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride. This material is a chemical compound consisting of carbon, chlorine and hydrogen. uPVC is different from PVC as it is not being treated with any additional chemicals which are called plasticizers. uPVC is an ideal material for producing windows and doors owning to the several benefits served by it.

uPVC is very much economical and easy to produce as compared to timber. The material is Eco-friendly and results in preventing deforestation by reducing the use of wood and timber for producing window and doors.

uPVC has several advantages over wood and other materials. Some of these advantages are heat resistant, noise resistant, weather resistant, cost effective, recyclable and low maintenance.

testimonial-team (Demo)
Manpreet Singh Bedi
Marketing Manager

The products and services of Biznis Cafe are excellent and working smoothly. After sale service is excellent. The one which we are using is sound proof, water proof & dust proof.

testimonial-team (Demo)
Rakesh Kumar
Architect, NCR

I would like to say that, over the course of last few years, we have had some misadventures with uPVC at our apartment. So, earlier this year, hearing about Biznis Cafe, we decided to opt for Biznis Cafe’s uPVC products and services. Now, we have a sound proof solution, which is aesthetically pleasing and keeps the pollution level minimum as well. Thanks to BNC team.

Why BizNisCafe (BNC) uPVC windows/Doors?

Our product will possess the following:

BNC uPVC window and door systems are ideal for being installed in buildings close to sea, where they are exposed to strong winds, heavy rain and salty water.

BNC uPVC window and door systems do not leak during rain. They are designed to be water tight.

BNC uPVC window and door systems do not require regular painting and expensive maintenance. They do not rot, wrap or corrode in tropical and coastal climate. The maintenance is minimal and does not involve any further costs.

BNC uPVC material do not support combustion, in fact they are self extinguishing. Throughout their product life, the material will not cause, support or enhance the natural development of fire.

BNC uPVC profiles maintain excellent inherent material properties. The windows and doors are attractive, perfectly tight and working well even after many years in use.

BNC uPVC windows and doors are completely UV stable.

BNC uPVC window and door systems offer wide range of design combinations, which can be customized to any possible dimension.

BNC uPVC profiles provide a wide variety of colours to match your needs in coherence with the walls and furniture.

BNC uPVC profiles are completely recyclable containing Green line calcium zinc for eco friendliness. The energy used for extrusion process is relatively low when compared to other materials.

The protection against noise is an essential characteristic of a modern window, in order to ensure a comfortable life both at home and in office.

BNC uPVC profiles are multi chambered section, provided with unique double seal mechanism, multi point locking system and good combination of glass, makes the window perfectly sealed and thereby reduces energy loss.

BNC uPVC windows and doors system are excellent thermal insulators. It can save energy up to 30% of energy requirement.

BNC uPVC profiles are of highest impact resistance.

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